Employer Sponsored Visas − RSMS Visa Requirements

    The requirements for the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa have two stages:
  • Stage 1: Employer Position Nomination
  • Stage 2: Visa Applicant
    Stage 1 - Employer Position Nomination Requirements
    The employer needs to show the following:
  • Company is lawfully and actively operating in Australia;
  • Company has a sound business record and abides by immigration laws;
  • Company has a genuine need for a position (occupation) on the appropriate government list;
  • The position is full time and for at least 2 years;
  • The position is to be paid at or above a market salary rate;
  • Company has and will continue to train staff (temporary residence transition stream only); and
  • Assessment from the local Regional Certifying Body (direct entry stream only)
    Stage 2 - Visa Applicant Requirements
    The employee needs to show the following:
  • Younger than 45 years of age;
  • Meet the skills and qualifications requirements;
  • Meet English language requirements; and
  • Worked in a nominated position in the business (holding a 457 visa) for at least 2 years before the nomination is lodged (temporary residence transition stream only).

There are exemptions relating to age, skills and English language ability. These depend on the nominated occupation, salary and past work experience.

    Please note that 1 of the following 3 visa streams will apply to the application:
  • Temporary Residence Transition stream
    For an employer that has already sponsored the employee on a subclass 457 or 482 visa for at least 2 years (new requirements are 3 years, but transitional arrangements apply).
  • Direct Entry stream
    For employers that want to nominate a new employee to fill a position.
  • Agreement stream
    For employers that want to nominate an applicant through a labour agreement or regional migration agreement.
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Wirandoni  - Indonesia
Wirandoni Herlambang
15th December, 2020

I really didn't think my visa would be granted so soon.
I am very grateful for your help, considering that Australian visa in Indonesia is known to be difficult to be obtain/grant and it was very easy because of your help which gives me detailed and very clear directions.
Regarding your amazing services, I will recommend the National Visas Services to my relatives.
Thank you for helping to smooth out my needs. Good luck always!