Jane - United Kingdom
United Kingdom
17th November, 2021

Thank you so much for processing my visa so quickly. It is much appreciated.
Kind regards

Michelle - Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
20th October, 2021

Thank you very much. Thank you for everything. Ms. Cheng provided me with all the useful information that allowed me the opportunity to stay and study here in Australia.

Rebecca - United Kingdom
United Kingdom
5th October, 2021

This is great news to return to work to! Thank you for everything.

Karl - Switzerland
1st October, 2021

It has always been our dream to live in Australia and with the help of National Visas we are now permanent residents. Alfonso has been guiding us through this long journey in a most efficient, patient and professional way. Even though it is a complicated process with lots of tasks you have to do or forms you have to fill out, Alfonso made this process very easy and clear. His great work deserves the gold medal for business excellence!

Michelle - Guatemala
15th September, 2021

Yes!!!! Wow this is THE BEST NEWS!!
Thanks sooo much for all you do. it is such a pleasure to work with you!!

Sela - United States Of America (USA)
United States Of America (USA)
2nd September, 2021

We are elated with this outcome. Thank you so much.
We will definitely use your services to complete the permanent stage. Please do go ahead and contact us later so we can move forward with you on the next stage.
Thanks so much

Michael - Germany
19th August, 2021

Thank you for help with travel exemption. This great news and all the work you have done for us. It is very much appreciated.

Please get back to us so we can discuss the next step in obtaining permanent residency.
Kind regards,

Arlene - Philippines
18th August, 2021

Thank you all for your assistance in getting these visas for us.
I will not hesitate to use National Visas again in the future.

Annalise - South Africa
South Africa
11th August, 2021

I am delighted. Thank you for your professional conduct and service!

Alison - United Kingdom
United Kingdom
28th July, 2021

We have had a really positive experience throughout the process, due in no small part to Alfonso Varela's attention to detail and unending patience.
We will certainly be recommending your services to anyone else who needs the help.