The process of qualifying and applying for Australian citizenship can vary depending on your situation.

There are a number of different options with different requirements.

The most common option for people not born in Australia is detailed below.

Citizenship by Immigrating to Australia:

The general requirements are (exemptions may be available):

  • You need to have lived in Australia on a valid Australian visa for four years immediately before applying;
  • You have physically lived in Australia for at least three out of last four years (cumulative);
  • You hold a permanent residency visa for at least the last 12 months; and
  • You have not been out of Australia for more than 90 days in last 12 months.

You must also be of good character, have a basic knowledge of English, and understand your obligations as an Australian citizen. You may be required to complete a Citizenship Test.

Please note you do not automatically qualify for Australian citizenship in this way. You must make an application for citizenship.

National Visas is a private immigration company and is not affiliated with the Australian government and charges professional fees to provide its services in addition to the official government application fees and free forms available on the government site.

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