Australian Employer Sponsored Visas

Employer Sponsored Visas are for employers who cannot fill a position with an Australian worker. There a many factors to consider for both the employer and employee when determining the appropriate type of employer sponsored visa, such as:

  • Term of employment
  • Nominated Occupation
  • Salary thresholds
  • English language ability
  • Age
  • Work and education history

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Types of Employer Sponsored Visas
Temporary Work 400 and 408 Visas

Work and business activities generally up to 3 or 6 months.

Activities can include highly specialised work, event participation (sporting, cultural social events) and entertainment industry activities.

TSS - Temporary Skill Shortage 482 Visa

Temporary work visa for 2 or 4 years (replaces 457 visa).

Work experience and/or education qualifications in a listed eligible occupation is required.

ENS - Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

Live and work in Australia indefinitely (permanent residence).

Work experience and/or education qualifications in a listed eligible occupation is required. Direct entry or transition from a 457 or TSS visa.

RSMS - Regional Skilled Migration Scheme

Live and work in Australia indefinitely (permanent residence).

Employment must be in regional Australia. Work experience and/or education qualifications in a listed eligible occupation is required.

Training 407 Visa

The training visa is a temporary visa for up to 2 years.

Complete a workplace-based training or a professional development training program to improve skills for a job.

Global Talent Scheme Visa (GTS) and Labour Agreements

These programs are designed to attract highly skilled migrants.

Specialised visa programs designed to cater for exceptional people or situations not covered by other visa programs.

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