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Employer Sponsored Visas

National Visas is Australia's leading provider of Australian visa and Australian immigration advice and is regulated by the Australian Government (OMARA). National Visas is a private company and is not affiliated with the Australian Department of Immigration. National Visas charges professional fees to provide a service.

  • Employer Sponsored Visas

    There are various types of Employer Sponsored Visas for Australia. If you do not understand the details of these visas it can be very confusing to determine the appropriate visa for your situation because there are so many choices and eligibility factors to consider.

    Australian Employers and Corporate Clients: Register your details and one of our Registered Migration Agents will be in contact with you to review your situation.

    If you have a job offer (employee): Our Free Online Assessment can instantly determine what type of Employer Sponsored Visa you may be eligible for.

    Looking for a job in Australia: National Visas has a Job Assistance Service to help Job Seekers find employment in Australia.

    If you then decide to purchase a National Visas service, a qualified Registered Migration Agent will review your profile in detail to ensure that you have the appropriate visa for your situation. By using National Visas you receive the very best Australia visa advice and support for your Australian visa application and have the services of Australia's most experienced Australian visa and Australian immigration experts at your disposal. The National Visas and Australian government fees will depend on what type of visa you are eligible for.

    If the Free Assessment results indicate that you are not eligible a visa we will recommend an alternative service for you. If you do not want to take advantage of National Visas services, a company regulated by the Australian government − OMARA, you can go directly to the official Australian government site.

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    • Premier Service − 457 Visa - Sponsorship, Nomination and Visa Application

      Hi Ivanna Thank you very much for your hard work, advice and guidance during the process. We are happy to recommend you and your company. It is a [more]

      - Australia

    • Premier Service − 457 Visa - Sponsorship, Nomination and Visa Application

      Dear Ivanna, On the 29th of March we will be in Melbourne Australia, me and my family. We thank you so much for providing our assistance in so many [more]

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What are Employer Sponsored Visa requirements?

The requirements for employer sponsored visas will vary according to your situation.

457 Visa Requirements

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) Visa Requirements

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa Requirements

How much will this visa cost?

Click here to see the costs involved in lodging an Employer Sponsored Visa Application.

How long is the processing time?

Employer Sponsored Visas processing times

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