The process of applying for Australian citizenship can vary depending on your situation.

There are a number of different options with different requirements. Three of the most common options are detailed below.

Citizenship by Immigrating to Australia:

The general requirements are (exemptions may be available):

  • You need to have held a substantive visa (temporary or permanent) allowing you to be legally in Australia for at least four years;
  • You have physically lived in Australia for at least three out of last four years (cumulative);
  • You hold a permanent residency visa for at least the last 12 months; and
  • You have not been out of Australia for more than 3 months in last 12 months.

You must also be of good character and understand your obligations as an Australian citizen. You may be required to complete a Citizenship Test.

Please note you do not automatically qualify for Australian citizenship in this way. You must make an application for citizenship.

If you are under 16 years of age the requirements are different. If this applies to you please contact National Visas for further advice for your particular situation.

Citizenship by being born in Australia:

If you were born in Australia, then you would automatically be an Australian citizen if:

  • You were born in Australia prior to 20 August 1986; or
  • You were born in Australia after 20 August 1986, and one of your parents held Australian citizenship or an Australian permanent residence visa at the time of birth (exemptions may be available); or
  • You spent the first 10 years in Australia since your birth (10th birthday acquisition).

Citizenship by being born overseas to an Australian parent:

If you were born outside Australia and at the time of your birth at least one of your parents was an Australian citizen then you may be eligible for citizenship by descent (there are exceptions to this).

Citizenship options:
There are several ways to apply for Australian citizenship.

Telephone Consultation with a Registered Migration Agent

+61 3 8888 9222 - This service costs AU$5.50/minute inc GST billed to your Credit Card. Service provided by Infodial.

Please be aware that to comply with Department of Immigration regulations, we require that you read the Migration Advice Profession Document before using this service.