Save Money on your Foreign Exchange and International Transfers

Do you need to exchange and transfer funds abroad? Save up to 4% thanks to AFEX's partnership with National Visas

When people choose to migrate one of the last things they consider is the best way to manage their foreign exchange requirements. National Visas have done the hard work for you and our partnership with leading global foreign exchange provider AFEX will save you time, money and hassle when you need to exchange and transfer your money.

A specialist currency provider not only saves you money at the moment you choose to exchange your money by significantly improving on the rate you achieve but by having your own personal account manager you will be assisted in selecting the best time to make you currency purchase and be introduced to ways you can protect yourself against adverse market movement.

Using AFEX you will benefit from:
  • Market Leading Commercial Exchange Rates
  • Your Own Personal Account Manager
  • No automated phone lines
  • Low cost transfers
  • AFEXDirect Online payment system
  • The availability of 24-hour global trading
  • Access to the World's Fastest International Payment Systems
  • Up to date and relevant market information

Opening an account with AFEX is free, does not oblige or commit you to anything and can be done in matter of minutes by filling in this form or you can send a general enquiry by visiting their currency blog.

Alternatively if you would like to speak to National Visa's dedicated currency expert at AFEX, Stephen Hughes, email him at or call him directly on +61 (0)2 9268 7654.