• Visa Advice - Telephone Consultation

    No Agent currently available

    +61 3 8888 9222

    AU$5.50/minute inc GST billed to your credit card.

    Please note higher mobile/pay phones rates will apply. Service provided by Infodial.


  • Office Consultation

    National Visas Registered Migration Agents are available for consultations in 60 minute (1 hour) blocks.

    Office Consultation Fee - including GST (per 60 minute block).

    If you are in Australia and would like make an appointment to speak to one of our Registered Migration Agents, please:

    If you are not able to book an Office Consultation online, please call our Melbourne office on +61 (0)3 9038 8622 to make a booking.

    Please note - we only accept payment for an Office Consultation by credit card (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) or cash and upfront payment is required before the service is delivered.

Please be aware that to comply with Department of Home Affairs regulations, we require that you read the Migration Advice Profession Document before using our services.

Examples of how to input your phone number so you can be called back:

If calling from Australia:

Landline: 61 03 9038 8622
Mobile: 61 0411 222 333

If calling from United Kingdom:

Landline: 44 0207 444 7777

If calling from USA:

Landline: 1 222 444 7777

Do not put a 0 before the country code.