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What type of education qualification do you intend to complete in Australia?
What is your Nationality (passport nationality you use for travel)?
Do you have sufficient funds to support yourself and your dependent family members (if any) for the duration of your studies ?
It is generally taken to mean a total of the following factors: - Course fees; - Your living costs AU$21,041 per year; and - Travel costs to and from Australia. If you have dependant family members you must include the following factors in your total: - Partner living costs AU$7,362 per year; - Each child living costs AU$3,152 per year; and If you have school-age dependent children you must include the following factor in your total: - Additional $8,296 per child/per year for tuition.
Are you currently studying in Australia on a Student Visa?
Please enter the date (dd/mm/yyyy) your Student Visa expires ?
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This information MUST be accurate as it could have serious ramifications if an incorrect expiry date is entered. Please note date format is day/ month/ year format, as indicated by the drop-down menus.


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