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Find a job and investigate your employment opportunities in Australia.

Looking for a job in Australia: National Visas has launched a new Job Assistance Service to help Job Seekers find employment in Australia.

National Visas will identify your ANZSCO defined occupation and lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) for Employer Sponsored Visas, detailing work and education history (resume) on the Australian Government SkillSelect database and manage employer sponsorship enquires on your behalf.

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Visa Options: There are many visa options available that will allow you to legally work in Australia.

Two of the most common Visa Programs that will allow you to work in Australia are:

Employer Sponsored Visa Program More Info
Skilled Visa Program More Info

Please note there are other visa programs that can allow you to work in Australia - More Info

Australian Employers: Employer Sponsored Visas are for employers who cannot fill a position with an Australian worker or by training Australian workers - More Info

National Visas has partnered with, a leading online job site dedicated to connecting people that are looking for jobs in Australia with businesses that are willing and able to sponsor new employees and their families into Australia.

Not only can you find a job but you can access a range of employment resources to assist you in establishing a new career in Australia:

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