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There are a number of different business visitor visas available to Australia. It is important to select the correct one for your circumstances.

Please confirm which one (1) of the following four (4) groups, is the most suitable description of your intended activities in Australia?

1: Short Stay Business Activities

    Some examples of the acceptable activities for this visa are:

  • attending a business negotiation;
  • attending a business meeting;
  • making a general business or employment enquiry;
  • investigating, negotiating, entering into, or reviewing a business contract;
  • engaging in an activity carried out as part of an official government to government visit;
  • Attending a conference, trade fair or seminar unless you are being paid by an organiser for more than just reimbursement of expenses - see Event participation.
  • Could have an invitation letter from an Australian company - but NOT for ongoing work.

You cannot be paid by the Australian organisation with this type of visa. This is for short stay business activities (not for work). Usually your business activities would be completed within 6 weeks.

2: Highly Specialised Work

You are being formally invited by an Australian company to perform short term, highly specialised and non-ongoing work.

    Examples of acceptable work include:

  • Professionals, Managers and Tradespeople;
  • Install imported equipment;
  • After sales service;
  • Emergency repair;

This type of work should be completed within 3 months, with no expectation or arrangement having been made for longer term work. You can be paid by the Australian organisation with this visa.

3: Event participation

    This visa is for you if:

  • you will participate in an event or events on a non-ongoing basis at the invitation of an Australian organisation. NOT for Business Events such as Conferences, unless you are being paid a fee by the organiser. For Conferences where you are not being paid by the organiser, see 'Short Stay Business Activities' above.
  • you are employed to assist the participant mentioned above or a team that is participating in an amateur team event.
    You must be invited by the organisation directly responsible for or which has a formal role in the event. Examples of acceptable activities with this visa include:

  • Speaker/ presenter at a conference being paid an appearance fee by the organiser;
  • Sports competitors;
  • Persons conducting workshops;
  • Public lecturers;
  • Artists;
  • Authors;
  • Photographers;
  • Promotional activities that do not require a performance.

4: Entertainment Industry Activities

This visa is specifically not for entertainers or entertainment industry employees, unless involved in a production that will not be shown in Australia.

    You can obtain this visa if you are going to do short term work:

  • Directing
  • Producing
  • Taking any other part in a production that will NOT be shown in Australia.
    Also acceptable are persons who will attend promotional activities, eg:

  • Actors in Australia for a Red Carpet Premiere
  • Rock Band in Australia for a promotional tour but no performances.
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