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December 2014

Welcome to the National Visas December 2014 newsletter.

In this edition our featured service is the Skype consultation. It is a great cheap option to understand your visa options in more detail before committing to the immigration process. We also provide current information about Australian visas as well as giving you our 'hot tip' for the month, success stories and a profile of the latest addition to the National Visas team, featured registered migration agent; Jack Chen.

We hope you find the newsletter interesting!

Video (Skype) Consultation
Finding an experienced, qualified and registered migration agent with whom to discuss your case can be challenging - especially if you don't already live in Australia. It can also be difficult to find the time to see your agent in person. This service enables you to discuss any Australian visa issues you have with one of our experienced and qualified migration advisers using Skype.
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Online Working Holiday Visa applications
It's time to start preparing for summer. Don't be the one who gets stranded at the airport because you did not arrange your Visa in time. Once the working holiday visa is granted you must make your first entry within one year from the date of grant. This activates the visa. The visa is then valid for one year stay in Australia from your date of first entry. So if you are coming to Australia anytime within the next 12 months you can make your application now!
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Tips for an enjoyable Australian holiday on a budget
Travelling to Australia does not have to be a strain on your budget. The beautiful, natural locations throughout the country can be explored even though you may be on a tight budget. All it takes is a little touch of creativity and you are good to go.
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Pathways to permanent residency (Skilled Migration)
This article is written by Alfonso Varela, our resident Skilled Migration visa expert.

As many of you may be aware, obtaining permanent residency in Australia can be a challenging and complex thing to do. In this month's article I provide a brief overview of some of the most common pathways for skilled workers to get permanent residency in Australia, and I highlight a couple of points applicants commonly misunderstand.
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Employers (sponsors) let's clear up some of the myths...
This article is written by Ivanna Cheng, our resident Employer Sponsored visa expert.

At National Visas, we talk to employers from all over Australia (and overseas) who are interested in sponsoring people to work in Australia. We commonly come across preconceived notions of what employers have "heard" about the requirements for employer sponsored visas. More often than not, these assumptions are out dated, misinterpreted or plain incorrect.
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Why use a Migration Agent?
One of our registered migration agents recently had a consultation with a client who had applied for a visa (on her own) based on the advice of a friend. Her friend did not understand that the regulations had changed since she had applied for her own visa. The client applied for her visa without having the necessary 'time of application' documents because she didn't understand the relevant migration law - neither did her friend. This is a mistake that cost her over $3000.00 and will take many months to rectify.

Luckily, in this case we will likely be able to turn the situation around - but the money is gone. Sometimes you don't get a second chance, so it is critical to get it right first time.

Using a reputable and experienced migration firm ensures that mistakes like this are not made and that your application has the best possible chance of success.
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‘Hot Tip’ for December:

Australia and New Zealand have visa requirements for a single visa for Cricket World Cup 2015. New Zealand will accept Australian visas for the duration of the tournament, visitors from countries like India and Pakistan will only have to apply and pay for one Australian visa instead of two. It also means they only have to go through a single visa process, saving time and reducing hassle. lodge your visitor visa application now

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Jack (Liyuan) Chen

Migration Agent
Registered Migration Agent Number (MARN): 1462142

Jack is bilingual in Chinese (Mandarin) and English.  As a migrant from China, Jack understands the difficult situations that many migrants experience.  As a result, he is passionate about helping out every migrant when they are struggling with their visa applications and committed to give the best advice and deliver the best service he can.

Success Stories


It is needless to say how elated I am to have received this notification of grant of my visitor (subclass 600) Visa.

I am quite pleased not only because of the outcome, but also of the professionalism which came with using your website. Information was thorough and assistance was always forth coming even though some questions to you was seemingly simple. I am happy I chose your website and would reccommend this website again to anyone needing proper guidance.

My husband and I will definitely enjoy our vacation.

Thanks Again to you and your team.

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Australia Work Pack

Your FREE step by step guide to set up everything you'll need to be ready to work when you land in Australia.

Australia Work Pack provides help with the following:

  • Tax File Number - If you work in Australia without it you pay 46.5% tax!
  • Superannuation - Australia's retirement system and how it will affect you
  • Residency for Taxation - Do it right and pay no tax! (very important)
  • ABN - If you want to work for yourself you will need one
  • Courses for work - many jobs require some basic courses so we show you how
  • Free Stuff - discount vouchers for accommodation, food and travel
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