Our Fees − ETA Visa Service

All successful applications processed through this site are subject to a service charge of US$20 (Currency Converter: AU$ / UK£ / EU€ / Other Currencies).

Payment is by credit card or PayPal only. The cards accepted by this site are American Express, MasterCard and Visa.

If an ETA application is not approved you are provided with information on how to contact the nearest Australian Embassy (or High Commission) and information on how to use our services for a different visa type that you will need to apply for. You will be provided with a refund for the affected ETA application.

Please note that if you do not respond to any requests we submit for further details, your ETA application will not be processed and your payment will not be refunded.

Payment for the ETA service charge is to recover the costs associated with providing this service. Regardless of whether you decide later that you no longer require the visa or have a current visa the service charge has been incurred and is not refundable.