Where to stay whilst studying in Australia?

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One of the most important considerations that you should have when you are planning on studying in Australia is your accommodation. You should consider and prepare for this before you leave for Australia. Australia may be a totally new place to you, especially if it is your first time here, so you need to carefully plan the various aspect regarding studying in Australia.

Where to stay whilst studying in Australia?

Preferably, you should arrange short-term accommodation for yourself so that when you arrive in Australia, you can still look for the best place where you will stay for the duration of your study. This will give you a chance to personally see the place and decide if you will be comfortable staying there. Additionally, you can also check out your campus location and be acquainted with it. You can seek the help of your institution as many of them are partnering with different accommodation providers in Australia.

The beauty about studying in Australia is that you can find a lot of options like homestays and on-campus residence even though there is a shortage of affordable housing in Australia. It is also advised though that you should include in your budget a cushion for rent increases.

If you are looking for your permanent accommodation, you can choose from among:

  1. Hostels, or otherwise known as rooming houses, where students share the kitchen and bathroom facilities for a rent of A$80-135 a week;
  2. Homestays, or living with an Australian family in their home, where the charge is between A$110–270 a week;
  3. Rental properties where you can rent your own or share it with other students for A$ 100-400 a week; and
  4. Boarding school which is an option given mostly by private secondary schools. The fee of A$10,000-20,000 a year (including tuition fee) already includes laundry and meals

Here are some important points to remember in terms of your accommodation in Australia.

  • The homestay is the most suitable type of accommodation for young students and those who are only pursuing short-term English courses. Usually, the meals are included in your rent but if you wish to pay a smaller rent, you can also use the self-catering homestay service.
  • The payment of your homestay includes your rent and the deposit which is normally equivalent to four weeks of rent.
  • Living in a homestay does not give you as much freedom as a rental property would. In effect, you will have to be very considerate of the other occupants. However, the advantage of such accommodation is that you gain firsthand experience with your host, which would normally be an Australian family. Should you have any concerns regarding studying in Australia, they can surely be of assistance to you.
  • In terms of the rental properties, you can rent an entire apartment to yourself or you can share it with other international students like you. You can find options for this through the notice boards in your campus.
  • It is also important to consider that in most accommodation, you will have to provide your own electrical items, household equipment, and even your sheets and blankets. Your options are either to bring your own items from home or you may rummage through secondhand household goods that are being sold for a rather cheap price.
  • To help you find and get a place to stay more easily so that you may start studying in Australia soon, you should have evidence of your financial capacity to pay your rent such as a bank account statement.

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