Study in Australia: Students Under the Age of 18

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Students under the age of 18 may study in an Australian school. Like all international students, anyone wishing to take up study courses in Australia must first secure a student permit. Parental permission is one of the eligibility requirements of a student visa. Parents or anyone who can legally decide for a student under 18 must give the permission to study in Australia. If they are not available to sign the student visa application, they must provide a statutory declaration giving their permission and a consent form.

For those under 18, parents must also nominate a guardian to be responsible for him or her. This person can be a relative, a family friend a homestay parent or a teacher living in the same city as the student. He or she must be able to represent the underaged student’s parent and must be able to sign forms in their behalf. They also need to provide the student advice if needed and must take interest in his or her academic progress.

Student under the age of 18 who are studying in an Australian school, college or university must also have acceptable living arrangements. This includes arrangements for accommodation, support and general welfare which needs to be maintained for the duration of the student visa or until he/she turns 18.

Welfare must be provided by someone who is aged over 21 years old, he or she must be able to remain in Australia until visa expiry and he/she must be of good morale character. If relatives are unable to provide welfare for the student under 18, the Australian school may do this for the student. Parents or legal guardians may give permission to an education provider for accommodation, welfare and support arrangements.

Any changes in the student’s arrangements must be duly notified to the proper authorities to ensure maintenance of the student visa.

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