Misconceptions to Avoid When Applying for Australian Spouse Visa

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One of the more popular ways to enter Australia is to apply for a spouse visa for Australia. This visa is for individuals who are married, engaged to, or are in a de facto relationship (including same sex relationships) with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

It is interesting to note that there are certain misconceptions and false truths that people hold about this visa.

Australian Spouse Visa Misconceptions to Avoid

Among these misconceptions are:

  1. The partner visa is impossible to obtain if the couple has no join bank account. The truth is, even those who don’t have a joint bank account can be granted a visa. This is because there are other valuable documents that you can present to prove your relationship. Among these are; the history of your being together, the proof of your travels together, as well as the opinion that other people have about your relationship.
  2. A lot of people think that since they are Australian citizens, it is imperative that their spouses or partners are automatically given a visa. This is not true. For the visa to be granted, you need to prove that your relationship is genuine, continuing, on-going and to the exclusion of all others. Thus, there are a lot of documents required to evidence this.
  3. People also believe that a spouse visa will be granted to anyone whose first application was already rejected. This doesn’t necessarily follow. When you have already applied for visa previously and you have been denied it, you will need to provide more evidence to evidence claims and meet requirements.
  4. You are guaranteed a visa approval if you are in a genuine relationship. This is not true. There is never a guarantee that any visa will be approved. The approval is subject to the decision of the case officer.
  5. You think that there is no need to see a migration agent if you think that you and your partner already have the necessary understanding and common sense on immigration. This is again not necessarily true. When you talk about immigration laws and policies, there are special considerations that only a migration expert can understand and interpret. You don’t want to blow that single chance you have of getting an approval. Therefore, you need to have the guidance of an expert.
  6. The immigration department understands that no one starts to document their relationship until they need it. Though this may be true, it is also a fact that many fake relationships have popped up just to have a visa. Thus, there is a need to really document your relationship in any way possible.
  7. To believe that you need not provide much evidence of your relationship to get a visa, then you are absolutely wrong. Every case or application is really scrutinized to make sure everything is genuine.
  8. You may also believe that it is easy to apply for a spouse visa for Australia and that you can do it yourself. Though no one can force you to get the services of a registered migration firm, you are still encouraged to do so because it will help you maximize your chance of getting a visa. Having a visa refused and then seeking the help of a professional only increases the costs and lengthens the processing time. You are best to get your application prepared properly right from the start.

These misconceptions need to be overcome. And to do that, National Visas can help you in so many ways. It will give you only the sound and true information that will lead to the eventual approval of your application.

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