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Changes on Australian Skilled Migration Visa Program

Changes on Australian Skilled Migration Visa Program

Planning to apply for work in Australia? If you wish to come under the current skilled immigration programme, you should act now and apply for a skills assessment as soon as possible and pass the English language test as these are required before you can lodge your Australia working visa under the current skilled migration [...]

Skilled Migrants Wanted in Western Australia

Skilled Migrants Wanted in Western Australia

With Western Australia’s resources boom forcing the state’s federal government to pursue a strategy of skilled migration to fill jobs which are beyond the state’s current workforce’s capacity, a lot of construction and mining jobs as well as infrastructure and other resource projects are requiring skilled workers to fill up the skills shortage. As the [...]

Skilled People to Work in Australia

Skilled People to Work in Australia

Are you interested to work in Australia? With Australia’s Skilled Migration Program aimed to address specific skill shortages and local labor market needs, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has made major changes to its immigration policies to address these needs. These new reforms in Australia’s immigration policies are intended to make certain that [...]

Australia Skilled Visa for Skilled Workers: Information and Details

Australia Skilled Visa for Skilled Workers: Information and Details

Are you a skilled worker planning to live and work in Australia? As Australia’s economic environment improves and starts to stabilize after the global financial crisis, Australian employers’ demand for overseas workers to fill skills vacancies has increased. In answer to these increasing demands for skilled workers, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has [...]

Work and Australia

Having a peaceful and better life is what all we want. In order to obtain that we strive and work harder. It is a fact that everybody would always aim for a better life. It is in our nature to strive hard for more. We want to get more from life. We want to live [...]

Australia, Mainly Queensland Needs More Skilled Workers

There were reports shown that some part in Australia such as Queensland could suffer shortage from skilled workers – equivalent to more work in Australia offered. It is mainly due to insufficient supply and fierce competitions offered by other mining projects across the country and around the world.

Few Things to Remember in Australian Skilled Visa Application

Are you planning to live and work in Australia? If so, I know one of the most critical questions you have right now is deciding what class of visa to apply for. The Australian Skilled Visa is the most popular way for international citizens to immigrate to Australia independently. This is also the most appropriate [...]

Qualification for Skilled Visas

Skilled workers all over the world are in constant hunt for a greener pasture which also offers an opportunity for a career growth. These two factors go hand in hand when it comes to choosing a career. There are some jobs which are financially rewarding but the growth is not feasible and there are some [...]

Processing an Australian Skilled Visa

From the fact that Australia skilled visa or skilled working visa is the most appropriate for those with a skilled trade who wanted to work in the land down under. These include those in the building trade including plumbers and an electrician in addition further trades for instance hairdressers and nurses. At the same time [...]

Sponsorship for Australian Skilled Migration

Since Australia has fast becoming one of the most booming country in terms of economy process despite the previous crisis and recession. With this particular reason more and more job seekers from across the planet apply for their Australian skilled visa in order to seek the thousands opportunities in the land down under that will [...]

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