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Australian Work & Holiday Visa: How It Works

The Australian working holiday visa, allows holders to visit the country for holiday and travel. At the same time, you could also take on temporary work to supplement your funds. The following are guidelines to help you learn more about acquiring an Australia holiday visa work:

Work and Holiday: The Best Lifestyle Combination

Out of the 196 countries in the world, only 38 offer working holidays that allow foreigners to travel these countries and engage in employment to supplement travel funds. Australia, as one of such countries, has an established system for holiday-work privilege, and thus requires foreign travellers to secure a working holiday visa prior to their [...]

Visit Family and Friends with an Australian Tourist Visa

Do you miss your family or friends currently living in Australia? Are you getting bored from visiting the same countries over and over again? Do you want to have an exciting adventure in a different place that is sure to get your heart pumping? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe it [...]

Skilled Overseas Student Visa: Your Pathway to Australia

Skilled overseas students have several visa options to choose from when planning to acquire a visa for migration to Australia. There are certain criteria that a graduating overseas student must meet. Generally, the applicant must be under the age of 45, must have studied at least 2 years in Australia, must have or have held [...]

Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa: Your Key to International Experience

The Australian Government allows recent graduates of universities in different countries to gain experience in Australia. Through the Skilled Recognised Graduate visa, or subclass 476, a temporary visa may be granted for entry and work up to 18 months. This visa for Australia may also be used as a pathway to permanent residency. Visa holders [...]

Australian Skilled Visa: When a State Needs You

If you’re planning to migrate to Australia, you might want to consider applying for Subclass 176. This visa allows you to move to Australia permanently if you have good English language skills and your qualifications match those for occupations in the Skilled Occupation List.

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Study in Australia: 10 Basic Steps You Should Know

Australia, one of the top five best countries to study in the world, offers sought-after quality education on top of exciting cultural diversity. Proof of delivery on this promise is the fact that five Australian universities have made it to the top 100 of the 400-plus higher education institutions worldwide ranked by Times Higher Education [...]