Australian Visa Processing Times

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Do you want to apply for an Australian visa? The processing times for most Australian visa applications varies greatly depending on the type of visa you are applying for. It is therefore always recommended that you do not make travel arrangements to Australia until you’re advised that your visa application has been successfully granted.

Each visa subclass has different processing time standards which will vary for individual cases depending on the complexity of each case. In conjunction with this the lodgment location will also determine the processes times reflecting the differing circumstances of national and regional caseloads.

Processing time may also vary if you enable a migration agent to assist you with the application process.

Some of the current processing times for visa applications that are about to be lodged are listed below as per DIAC’s advice.

For visitor visas, the processing time service standards are categorized under 2 risk factors. ‘Low risk’ applies to passport holders from countries which issue ETA eligible passports and ‘High risk’ which is applicable to those which are not ETA eligible.

Specifically, the Sponsored Visitors Visa (subclass 679) and Medical Treatment Visas (subclass 675, 685) have processing times of within 1.5 months. However, for low risk Medical Treatment Visas, it will take 1 week for processing.

For low risk Non-Sponsored Visitors Visas (subclass 676, 651, 976), the processing time will take only 1 working day while for high risk applicants, processing is 1 month.

For Working Holiday (subclass 417 and 462), the processing time is expected to be 1-2 weeks if you use the services of a Migration Agent.

For skilled visas, there are priority processing arrangements that determine the order in which the department considers applications.

For SkillSelect SMP (190 and 489), the processing times are 6 months.

In comparison the SkillSelect Independent and Family Sponsored (subclass 189 and 489) will take 12 months to process.

For Employer Sponsored Subclass 457 – Business (Long Stay) visa – Standard Business Sponsorship, the processing time will take 2 months for low-risk and 3 months for high risk.

For SkillSelect ENS subclass 186 and RSMS 187, it will take 6 months to process the visas.

Whereas, if you take the services of a migration agent; the processing time for Employer Sponsored Visas can be quicker.

Assessment Level 1 Student visa applications (subclass 570, 571, 572, 573, 574, 575, 576, 580) take 14 days to process. Level 2 student visa applications are currently taking 21 days, and Level 3 or 4 are being forced to wait for up to 3 months.

However, with a migration agent, the passport country Assessment Level 1 processing time is generally 1 to 10 working days while for Levels 2, 3 and 4, processing time is generally 1 to 6 weeks.

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