English Language Requirements for Australian Immigrants

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Among the visa types that people apply for to enter Australia is the Australian skilled visa. This visa is specifically for those individuals who have a skilled occupation but have no employer in Australia who will sponsor them. Additionally, it is intended to help address the skills shortages that are being experienced within the workforce of Australia and to identify the people who are deemed to bring in benefits to the economy of Australia.

To qualify for this visa, there are specific requirements to satisfy. Among these is the set of English language requirements, basically outlined below:

English Language Proficiency of Immigrants in Australia

There are two different type of IELTS test; General and Academic. Whether or not to take the academic or general mode of the test will depend on your occupation.

The minimum score you will need is 6 in EACH of the 4 components of the IELTS test – speaking, reading, writing and listening. This can be considered the basic or ‘qualifying score’. Without this score you cannot apply. An average score of 6 will not meet the requirements – it must be 6 in each category.

However you may need to score higher to ensure that you have enough points to meet the points test or skills assessing authority requirements. If this is the case you MUST achieve a score of 7 or 8 in EACH of the four components of the test. The higher your score the more points you can gain.

For some limited occupations you may also be able to take an ‘Occupational English Test’ instead of IELTS.

These requirements ensure that skilled migration visa holders have good employment prospects in Australia.

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